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Gas Mass Flow - units

Our Sensor-Finder is made to provide a first choice of suitable sensors and uses for simplification general volume flow units [m3/h], [l/min], [ml/min], [ccm/min] without reference conditions (Temperature, Pressure). Normally gas mass flow units are clearly defined as a weight per time unit e.g. [g/min], [kg/h] or often as volumetric unit per time - stating a reference condition for the pressure and temperature.

With the index "N" or "n" (Normal Condtions) or "S" or "s" (Standard Conditions) the volume unit obtains a reference-pressure and reference-temperature. As the definition of Normal- or Standard Conditions depend on country and branch, it is always helpful and recommended to add clear values for the reference-pressure and -temperature.

For our homepage we defined:

  • Standard Conditions: 20°C, 1013,25 mbar (e.g. Sm3/h, Sl/min, SLPM, mls/min, Sccm/min)
  • Normal Conditions: 0°C, 1013,25 mbar (e.g. Nm3/h, Nl/min, ln/min, mln/min)

The difference between Norm and Standard Condition is around 7% calculated by the formula: Sl = (Nl/273,15) x 293,15

Calibration and Adjustment of Gas Mass Flow Sensors

Calibration is defined as the measurement and documentation of the deviation of a tested measuring device (Gas Mass Flow Sensor) against a reference measuring device (Standard) with the known or assigned higher correctness (accuracy). A calibration does not include an adjustment of the tested measuring device.

The adjustment is the process of altering the performance of tested measuring device (Gas flow Sensor) to ensure that the output values it indicates (display, output signal) are correct within its specified accuracy limits.


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LF6000 - Low flow Liquid Flowmeter: 0.02~400 ml/min

The new LF6000-Series TOF (time of flight) liquid flowsensor measures smalles flow rates also for thermal critical liquids and liquids with changing concentration read more LF6000


FS8001: Smallest flow sensor for SMD Pick & Place and analytics

The new release of the airflow FS8001-Series can easy be integrated in pick & place head of SMD machines to check the function of vacuum grippers. The new flow ranges from 0~15/50/150/500/700 sccm also cover smallest nozzle flow rates. Easy integration in SMD machines or analytical machines due to light weight, small size, digital and analog output (I2C, linear analog)...FS8000-Serie

MF5100: Portabel high accurcy Gas-Massflow Meter (±1.5% oR / 100:1)

MF5100-Series: High accuarcy ±1.5% oR (optional 1% oR) battery powered Gas-Massflow Meter. Ideal intrument for field and laboratory use. With LCD Display and full accuracy within the full range of 100:1 this meter is the first choice for calibration and testing of other massflow more about MF5100 series

Smart Gas Cylinder Meter

The new battery powered MF5806-G-series are designed to control the gas consumption and flow rate of gas cylinders. Max. Min alarms and the inclusion of a GPRS module allow to control and manage multiple gas bottles remotely.

AM1000: Insertion Type Flowsensor for Heating and Air Conditioning

New Insertion Type Flowsensor for Heating & Air conditioning monitoring to safe energy and optimize distribution. Measuring: Flow speed 0.1~30 m/sec, tempertature, 0-100% rel. humidity more info AM1000-Series



FS5001L: Direct flow or bypass channel measurement

FD5001L now available in the ranges 0-200/500/1000/4000/6000 ml/min FS5001L

FS6122: Integarted Flow-, Pressure-, Humidity+Temperature-Sensor

The FS6122-Series are specially designed for medical CPAP-equipment (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). The extremely fast (5 ms) and highly accurate detection of air flow and gauge pressure optionally rel. humidity and temperature in one single sensor enables lowest pressure drop and easy integration in your CPAP systems. Beyond the linearized analog output the sensor supports I2C communcation protocol. get more info FS6122-Serie